Saturday, July 14, 2018

Catalog Post #030

Classic Collection

Terminal City S1x04 “Episode 4”
Eli Stone S1x09 “I Want Your Sex”
Battlestar Galactica S1x07 “Six Degrees of Separation”

Battlestar Galactica: The Phenomenon (2008)
Battlestar Galactica: Revealed (2008)
Doctor Who S3x10 “Blink”
Beyond Theology S1x07 “A Spirituality of Co-Creation”

Dead Like Me S2x03 “Ghost Story”
Eureka S1x09 “Primal”
Nip/Tuck S4x02 “Blu Mondae”

TDS: Gary Hart “The Courage of our Convictions: A Manifesto for Democrats”
Bones S2x03 “The Boy in the Shroud”
Criminal Minds S1x22 “The Fisher King: Part 1”
> commercial: GM 100,000 mile warranty: flying cars

Ghost Whisperer S2x01 “Love Never Dies” [scrap]
Close to Home S1x22 “Hot Grrrl”
NUMB3RS S2x24 “Hot Shot”

Current Collection

Title 1: LSSC: The Kills “List of Demands” • Jason Bateman • Stephen King • Midterms 2018: Profiles in Discourage 

              Arizona Senate candidates Joe Arpaio - Kelli Ward - Craig Brittain • David Sedaris • Ahmed Baroocha
Title 2: Supernatural S13x01 “Lost and Found”
Title 3: commercial: Heidi Heitkamp: battery acid
Title 4: Legion S2x09 “Chapter 17”
Title 5: Full Frontal S3x11 Trump family separation policy [at 7:24, Sam drops the C-bomb] • Giuliani oopsies •
             Midterms 2018: Ashley Nicole interviews Dems running to represent her home district • Support RAICES
Title 6: Brockmire S2x06 “Broadcasters Jinx”
Title 7: Supernatural S13x02 “The Rising Son”
Title 8: Supernatural S13x03 “The Big Empty”
Title 9: Pose S1x01 “Pilot”
Title 10: commercial: “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Title 11: commercial: Gilead: Honestly
Title 12: Full Frontal S3x12 Sam discusses dropping the C-bomb • Censorship gags • Trump family 

              separation policy • Ted Cruz pardon question • Texas legislators oppose transgendered housing 
              rights • Trump’s Patriotic Party • Scott Pruitt’s conflicts of interest • U.S. ambassador to Germany 
              praises far right Austrian leadership • Bill Clinton still kinda skeezy

Title 1: Legion S2x10 “Chapter 18”
Title 2: commercial: Kevin Cramer supports Trump’s tax cuts
Title 3: KX News report: Michigan, N.D. man encounters a bear
Title 4: LSSC: Bill Clinton and James Patterson • Nick Offerman • Niecy Nash • Star Wars’ Rose bullied off 

              Instagram by racist Internet trolls, so trailer for Episode 9: “Shut the Hell Up, You Broken Hateful 
              Internet Dweebs”
Title 5: commercial: Heidi Heitkamp supports responsible tax cuts
Title 6: Legion S2x11 “Chapter 19”
Title 7: commercial: Heitkamp not a rubber stamp for anyone; only answers to North Dakotans
Title 8: Pose S1x02 “Access”
Title 9: LSSC: Trump summit with Kim Jong-Un doesn’t net much • attacks Robert DeNiro • video Trump produced
             for Kim Jong-Un • Late Show also makes a video
Title 10: Full Frontal S3x13 Trump-NK Summit • no asylum for domestic abuse • SWATting attack on David Hogg
             and “crisis actors”; also, InfoWars • abortion ban in Ireland overturned • Ohio can purge voter rolls
Title 11: FXM presents “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” (2010)

Title 1: LSSC: Cohen to cooperate with Mueller investigation • Trump-NK summit • Racoon climbing building in 

              Minnesota • Report: Trump tears up everything he reads • Michael Avenatti and Anthony Scaramucci 
              • Chromeo f/ Dram “Must’ve Been”
Title 2: LSSC: Happy Birthday, Mr. President • Hillary Clinton’s DOJ email investigation • Trump pro Kim Jong Un • 
              Trump wrong about Korea returning remains of U.S. soldiers • Russia gets World Cup • DOJ policy 
              of separating families at border • Alt J f/ Pusha T and Twin Shadow “In Cold Blood”
Title 3: commercial: Heitkamp supported Hillary Clinton
Title 4: Dietland S1x01 “Pilot” / “Tender Belly”
Title 5: Full Frontal S3x14 Mark Hamill reads emails from Sam’s dad • Trump throws whole families in prison • 

              Kirstjen Nielsen as Disney villain • family separation policy • Space Force • supporting RAICES • 
              Tom Steyer • Sean Hannity
Title 6: commercial: Kevin Cramer’s nasty attack ads
Title 7: Brockmire S2x07 “Caught in a Rundown”
Title 8: Brockmire S2x08 “In the Cellar”
Title 9: LSSC: Stephen as Devil’s Advocate on family separation policy • Trump live on Fox & Friends • Real News 

              Tonight: All praise Trump • Trying to stay on message on family separation policy • Trump hugs a flag • 
             Trump’s Space Force • 2018 Midterms Profiles in Discourage: Mass. Governor candidate Scott Lively • 
              Ruth Negga
Title 10: LSSC: Trump staffers chased out of restaurants • Trump’s family separation policy shifts to 

              incarcerating families together • woman shouts at president • Corey Lewandowsky: “womp womp” • 
              Stephen Miller • Trevor Noah • Tactical pants • Melania Trump jacket • Time magazine cover • 
              combining cabinet departments • Don Lemon • Death Cab for Cutie “Gold Rush” • Russian roundup: 
              11 Trump associates with Russian ties • Donald J. Trump Jr. • Philly Phanatic and Space Force! • 
              Danny Jolles • President is not freeing the children; denying due process • Trump staffers harassed 
              • Trump challenge coins • Trump mentions Colbert • SCOTUS upholds travel ban • Trump rally in 
              South Carolina; calls out Colbert “This no-talent guy on CBS”; prefers Johnny Carson (who called 
              him out once) • Melania explains her clothing • Sean Donnelly • Justice Kennedy announces his 
              resignation • Federal judge instructs that families be reunited • Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez wins 
              primary in upset • Trump’s red wave • Mitt Romney running to replace Orrin Hatch • Oklahoma 
              approves medical marijuana • Florence and the Machine “Hunger”
Title 11: commercial: Heitkamp accomplishments

Title 1: LSSC: Robert Mueller report coming soon; Rosenstein testifies • Trump to meet with Putin • Trump on 
              replacing Justice Kennedy • Trump: “We’re the elite” • Trump rally in Wisconsin • Poncho the CPR 
              performing pup in Spain • Jon Stewart addresses Donald Trump • Michael Moore • Alexandra 
Title 2: Preacher S3x01 “Angelville”
Title 3: Dietland S1x03 “Y Not”
Title 4: Dietland S1x04 “F… This”
Title 5: Pose S1x03 “Giving and Receiving”
Title 6: Pose S1x04 “The Fever”
Title 7: Pose S1x05 “Mother’s Day”

Title 1: Claws S2x01 “Shook”
Title 2: Claws S2x02 “Cracker Casserole”
Title 3: Claws S2x04 “Scream”
Title 4: Preacher S3x02 “Sonsabitches”
Title 5: TNT presents “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015) [part 1]
> emergency alert; infomercials

Title 1: TNT presents “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015) [part 2]
Title 2: TNT presents “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016)
Title 3: IFC presents “The Others” (2001)

Title 1: Claws S2x03 “Russian Navy”
Title 2: Dietland S1x05 “Plum Tuckered” 

Title 3: TNT presents “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” (2015)
Title 4: commercial: anti-Cramer: fact-checking his record
           commercial: Cramer says he will not cut Social Security and Medicare
Title 5: commercial: ad supporting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh
Title 6: Dietland S1x06 “Belly of the Beast”
Title 7: Trial & Error S1x11 “Unusual Suspect”
Title 8: LSSC: Trump to announce Supreme Court pick • Trump attacks Elizabeth Warren, strange Elton John 

              reference • Hungry to Leave Power Games: Scott Pruitt • Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood and 
              the Rajasthan Express “Junun” • Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court • Thai 
              soccer players and coach rescued • family separations at border • children having to represent 
              themselves in immigration court

Title 1: Dietland S1x07 “Monster High”
Title 2: Claws S2x05 “Vaginalologist”
Title 3: Pose S1x06 “Love is the Message”
Title 4: Preacher S3x03 “Gonna Hurt”

           LSSC: White House comes out against breast-feeding
Title 5: LSSC: Trump visits NATO • Pompeo visit to North Korea goes not-well • WH deputy communications chief 

              Bill Shine (and his wife) • Alessia Cara “Growing Pains” • Pete Strzok testifies • Trump in Europe • 
              Liv Tyler • Young the Giant “Simplify” • Papa John’s chairman resigns • Ty Cobb, punk rocker • 
              NASA supports STEM outreach • Kate the Chemist
Title 6: commercial: anti-Heitkamp: Trump on Heitkamp
Title 7: commercial: “God Friended Me” promo
Title 8: commercial: anti-Heitkamp on veterans
Title 9: South Park S19x08 “Sponsored Content”
Title 10: South Park S19x09 “Truth and Advertising”
Title 11: South Park S19x10 “PC Principal Final Justice”
Titles 12 & 13: South Park S16x13 “A Scause for Applause” [parts 1 & 2]

Title 1: “Foreigner: Live at the Symphony Hall” in Birmingham, UK – May 15, 2018
             Overture • “Blue Morning, Blue Day” • “Cold as Ice” [recording starts blinking out, unobtrusively] • 
             “Waiting for a Girl Like You” • “Juke Box Hero” [extended opening and riffs; blinkouts become 
              increasingly disruptive] • “Starrider” • “Double Vision” • “Urgent” [broadcast absolutely 
              unacceptable] • Kelly Hansen thank yous and acknowledgments • “I Wanna Know What Love Is” 
              [blinkouts, audio completely garbled in places]
Title 2: TNT presents “Captain America: Civil War” (2016)
Title 3: FX presents “Kung Fu Panda 3” (2016)

  Title 1: FX presents “Now You See Me 2” (2016)
  Title 2: USA presents “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015)

  Title 1: FX presents “Spy” (2015)
  Title 2: Austin City Limits: Father John Misty, The Black Angels
  Title 3: AMC presents “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ep. 29: A Deep Dive to The Inside

Hi! My name is Terry J. Aman and this installment marks my 29th episode of "VideoFuzzy," my twice-monthly progress report on cataloging more than 2,700 VHS transfers and digital recordings. In this installment, titled "A Deep Dive to the Inside," I feature the pilot episode of FOX profiler procedural "The Inside."

In my Classic Collection, I talk about the third season finale of "Rescue Me," some season one hijinks from "Dead Like Me," and a couple of evocative "Monk" episodes. Also, I issue a correction on a regrettable misidentification in my beat poetry submission on "Pose" in episode 28.

In my Current Collection, I've very nearly caught up in my current direct to DVD recordings, so much so that most of the material has been covered in recent "What I've Been Watching" discussions, but one standout featured some joke credits in a segment on "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" titled: "The Great Feminists in Feminism Herstory Hall of Lady Fame: Sarah Huckabee Sanders."

In What I've Been Watching, I took in the stage production of "Sister Act" at the Minot State University Summer Theatre. I have a pretty much spoiler-free entry on "The Incredibles 2," a much more spoiler-y entry on the second season finale of "Legion" on FX, and some not-at-all spoiler-y comments on the premiere of AMC's "Dietland."

Finally, this podcast recently marked its one-year anniversary, celebrated here with some well-wishing and a special video entry titled "VideoFuzzy, The Video!" available here. Enjoy!


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Catalog Post #029

Classic Collection

  Dead Like Me S1x07 “Reaper Madness”
  Eureka S1x04 “Alienated”
  TCR: USA Today shows whole US going red – TCR takes on morning shows – Dubya vetoes stem cell research – The Word: 
           Opposite Day – William Donohue of the Catholic League
  TCR: The Word: Wikiality – Tip/Wag: Lance Bass going to space – Unilever tampers with ice cream – Monopoly debit cards

  Dead Like Me S1x05 “Reaping Havoc”
  Eureka S1x03 “Before I Forget”
  Rescue Me S3x09 “Pieces”

  Hustle S3x06 “Law and Corruption”
  TCR: Defending Jews against Mel Gibson [featuring David Cross]
  Monk S5x05 “Mr. Monk, Private Eye”

  Psych S1x05 “9 Lives”
  The Dead Zone S5x11 “The Hunting Party”
  Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner hosted by Jason Alexander (2006) featuring Jeffrey Ross, Sandra Bullock, 
            Artie Lange, Ben Stiller, Farrah Fawcett, Andy Dick, Patton Oswalt, George Takei, Lisa Lampenelli
  INXS “Pretty Vegas”
  TCR: The Word: Exploiting criminals to test pharmaceuticals

  Prison Break S2x02 “Otis”
  The Closer S2x12 “No Good Deed”
  Dead Like Me S1x12 “Nighthawks”
  Dead Like Me S1x13 “Vacation”

  Dead Like Me S1x13 “Vacation”
  Eureka S1x07 “Blink”
  Rescue Me S3x13 “Beached”

  Battlestar Galactica S3x15 “A Day in the Life”
  Battlestar Galactica S1x06 “Litmus”

  Battlestar Galactica S3x17 “Maelstrom”
  Doctor Who S3x09 “Family of Blood” (2)
  Torchwood S2x09 “Something Borrowed”

  Dirt S2x04 “Ties That (Don’t) Bind”
  The Riches S2x02 “Friday Night Lights”
  Medium S4x09 “Wicked Game (1)”

  MI-5 S3x03 “Who Guards the Guards?”
  South Park S12X03 “Major Boobage”
  The Shield S4x02 “Grave”
  The Shield S4x03 “Bang”

Current Collection

  Title 1: Legion  S2x04 “Chapter 12”
  Title 2: Brockmire S2x01 “The Getaway Game”
  Title 3: LSSC: Bill Cosby found guilty • Trump calls Fox & Friends • Ronny Jackson • Profiles in Discourage: Don Blankenship for 
             W.Va. Senator • Hank Azaria • Ronan Farrow • Grace VanderWaal “Clearly”
  Title 4: commercial: County Fair spontaneous dance party • LSSC: Brothers Osborne “Shoot Me Straight”
  Title 5: LSSC: #metoo “victims” trying to rebuild images • $1.2M fajita theft
  Title 6: LSSC: Profiles in Discourage: Wyoming gov. candidate Foster Friess • Mandy Patinkin • H. Jon Benjamin
  Title 7: Legion  S2x05 “Chapter 13”
  Title 8: Bob’s Burgers S8x16 “Are You There Bob? It’s Me, Birthday”
  Title 9: Superstore S3x21 “Aftermath”
  Title 10: Full Frontal S3x08 Incels • The Great Feminists in Feminism Herstory Hall of Lady Fame: Sarah Huckabee Sanders • 
                Facebook data privacy • Midterms in Trump Country • commercial: Taco Bell illuminati • Paul Ryan’s White House 
                Correspondents Dinner video submission
  Title 11 Superstore S3x22 “Town Hall”
  Title 12 Brockmire S2x02 “Platoon Player”
  Title 13 Ghost in the Shell S2x23 “The Day the Bridge Falls; Martial Law”
  Title 14: LSSC: Michelle Wolf • Stephen Colbert welcomes Stephen Colbert • Trump in Michigan • Russia watch • Stormy Watch: 
               Stormy sues Trump for defamation
  Title 15: LSSC: Trump collusion • Bibi’s proof of Iran’s nuclear misdeeds (from 2003) • Stephen sings about
               president’s light schedule • Ronny Jackson stepping down as Trump’s physician • Bornstein’s office raided
  Title 16: commercial: “Avengers: Infinity War” themed Rocket Mortgage ad • Kevin Smith
  Title 17: LSSC: Paramore “Rose Colored Boy”

  Title 1: Siren  S1x01 “The Mermaid Discovery”
  Title 2: Siren  S1x02 “The Lure”
  Title 3: Siren  S1x03 “Interview with a Mermaid”
  Title 4: Siren  S1x04 “On the Road”
  Title 5: Siren  S1x05 “Curse of the Starving Class”
  Title 6: Siren  S1x06 “Showdown”
  Title 7: Siren  S1x07 “Dead in the Water”
  Title 8: LSSC: Trump doc says Trump dictated fitness letter • Mueller investigation • Trump lawyer Ty Cobb retiring • 
                         commercial: Progressive “Legend of Big Jim” song • Michael Avenatti • Rudy Giuliani reacts to his own interviews • 
                         National Day of Prayer • Stormy Watch • Profiles in Discourage: Blankenship for W.Va. Senator: anti-Mitch 
                         McConnell ad gets kinda racist • Cinco de Mayo • French tree quarantined • Scott Pruitt being investigated • 
                         French museum discovers over half of its collection is fake • “Melania Trump” • Chris O’Donnell • Jack White sings 
                         the jingles • Jack White “Ice Station Zebra”

  Title 1: KXNews: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources calls on citizen scientists to help track bear migration
  Title 2: commercial: Kelly Armstrong law enforcement ad
  Titles 3 & 4: Taboo  S1x01 “Episode 1”
  Title 5: Taboo  S1x02 “Episode 2”
  Title 6: Taboo  S1x05 “Episode 5”
  Title 7: Taboo  S1x07 “Episode 7”
  Title 8: Taboo  S1x08 “Episode 8”
  Title 9: American Experience Films: “Tesla” (2016)

  Titles 1 & 2: IFC presents “Death Proof” (2007)
  Title 3: Syfy presents “Captain America: The First Avenger” (2011)
  Title 4: TNT presents “Ant-Man” (2015)
  Title 5: Ghost in the Shell S2x24 “Aerial Bombing of Dejima; Nuclear Power”
  Title 6: The Twilight Zone S5x20 “From Agnes with Love”

  Title 1: PBS: First Civilizations: S1x02 “Religion”
  Title 2: PBS: Civilizations: S1x03 “God and Art” 
  Titles 3 & 4: IFC presents “The Social Network” (2010)
  Title 5: Sundance presents “Logan’s Run” (1976)
  Title 6: Bob’s Burgers S8x17 “Boywatch”
  Title 7: The Twilight Zone S5x29 “The Jeopardy Room”

  Title 1: Full Frontal S3x09 Eric Schneiderman accused in assaults on women • #metoo followups • Sam’s Advice: Don’t be d-bags
              • Women candidates winning primaries • Trump rejects Iran deal • Gina Haspel hearing • EPA secretary Scott Pruitt • 
              Mufasa Ali on environmental racism • Harvey Weinstein not taking on NRA
  Title 2: Legion  S2x06 “Chapter 14”
  Title 3: Siren  S1x08 “Being Human”
  Title 4: Brockmire S2x03 “Knuckleball”
  Title 5: The Twilight Zone S5x31 “The Encounter”
  Title 6: LSSC: Giuliani spins out of control on the Stormy Daniels’ payment • FLOTUS “Be Best” campaign • Lake Street Dive 
                         “Good Kisser” • U.S. backs out of Iran nuclear deal • Giuliani’s TV appearances • NY Attorney General Eric 
                         Schneiderman, oy • “Be Best” booklet copied word-for-word from 2014 issue • Met Gala outfits • comedian 
                         Heather Pasternak •  attorney Michael Cohen accused of selling access to Trump • North Korea frees three 
                         American prisoners • Gina Haspel confirmation hearing • More Cohen access peddling • Nordstrom
                        Rack, coffee shop racism • “Tolerance Tips”: Stop being paranoid jerks • DJT2 to help GOP primary 
                        campaigns, killer Eric Trump impression • Administration pics not up at post offices • Iron Man suit stolen • 
                        World’s biggest orgy 
  Title 7: IFC presents “Titan A.E.” (2000)
  Title 8: Ghost in the Shell S2x25 “To The Other Side of Paradise; This Side of Justice”

  Title 1: commercial: GOP group pressures Sen. Heitkamp to approve Haspel as CIA director
  Title 2: KXNews report: Sen. Heitkamp to approve Haspel
  Title 3: Legion  S2x07 “Chapter 15”
  Title 4: Brockmire S2x04 “Retirement Ceremony”
  Title 5: Bob’s Burgers S8x18 “As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps”
  Title 6: Bob’s Burgers S8x19 “No Mommy No Problems”
  Title 7: TNT presents “The Island” (2005)
  Title 8: LSSC: Melania Trump goes in for surgery • Anthony Anderson • Ferreting out WH leakers • China deals • Ryan Reynolds
              • Jamie Foxx (and daughter Corinne) • Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats “You Worry Me” • Mueller investigation 
              has Trump mad tweet’n • Twitter seeks to limit bad behavior • tiger at the prom • Kids pitch a movie: “Strangest 
              Things: The Golden Mysteries” • Chadwick Bozeman • Russian probe hitting pay dirt • Mueller probe into second year 
              • Jake Tapper • Eric Bergstrom • Liam Pain and J Balvin “Familiar” • Benedict Cumberbatch • Mary Gallagher

  Title 1: Bob’s Burgers S8x21 “Mission Impos-slug-ble”
  Title 2: Bob’s Burgers S8x22 “Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You”
  Title 3: Siren  S1x09 “Street Fight”
  Title 4: Legion  S2x08 “Chapter 16”
  Title 5: Ghost in the Shell S2x26 “Return to Patriotism; Endless ∞ Gig”
  Title 6: Full Frontal S3x10 Midterms 2018 • Trump to restrict abortions • abolish ICE • NY lawyer Eric Schlossberg rant goes viral 
             • Yemen
  Title 7: Brockmire S2x05 “Make-Up Game”
  Title 8: Paramount presents “John Wick” (2014)

Monday, June 11, 2018

Ep. 28: Closer and Closer and Closer

Hi! My name is Terry J. Aman and this installment marks my 28th episode of "VideoFuzzy," my twice-monthly progress report on cataloging more than 2,700 VHS transfers and digital recordings. In this installment, titled "Closer and Closer and Closer," I feature an outlier episode from the second season of "The Closer" on TNT called "Heroic Measures."

Also, I pass the 500 disc mark in my Classic Collection, where a music video from "The Mind of Mencia" becomes a jumping off point for discussions on trolling and bullying, and I talk about the fourth season premiere of "The Shield."

Highlights from my Current Collection include a song by Bishop Briggs and an [adult swim] bumper inspired by a blog entry featuring the results of 1,200 video game titles fed into an AI neural net which then came up with its own video game titles. Here's the link to that blog entry.

In What I've Been Watching, I craft a beat poetry reaction to the series premiere of Ryan Murphy's "Pose" on FX. I talk about the run-up to the second season finale of "Legion," and fallout from Samantha Bee's C-bomb on TBS.

Finally, in two weeks I'll be posting a special episode for my first year anniversary, and if anyone wants to be part of that, contact me through my Facebook page or email audio or video files to Thank you for your support!


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Catalog Post #028

Classic Collection

  Eli Stone S1x08 “Praying for Time”
  The Shield S3x15 “On Tilt”

  The Shield S4x01 “The Cure” [adds Glenn Close]
  Beyond Theology S1x06 “Evolving With the Bible”
  Battlestar Galactica S3x13 “Taking a Break from All Your Worries”

  Battlestar Galactica S3x14 “The Woman King”
  Eureka S1x05 “Invincible” [f/ Saul Rubinek]
  Rescue Me S3x11 “Twilight”
  Mind of Mencia S2x13 “Dee Dee Dee” music video

  Mind of Mencia S2x13 “Royal Religious Rumble”
  Monk S5x07 “Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink”
    commercial: Midcontinent “hi-tech” ad (omg)
    commercial: Psych promo: brain freeze
  Psych S1x07 “Who Ya Gonna Call?”

  The 4400 S3x12 “Terrible Swift Sword”
  The Dead Zone S5x10 “Into the Heart of Darkness”
  Evanescence “Call Me When You’re Sober”

  Prison Break S2x01 “Manhunt”
  Psych S1x06 “Weekend Warriors”
    Psych out: “Pass de dutchies on da left hand side”
  Monk S5x06 “Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion”
    commercial: DirecTV: Vern Troyer digitally altered in “Spy Who Shagged Me” reference

  The 4400 S3x11 “The Gospel According to Collier”
    commercial: JCPenney OKGO ad
  The Dead Zone S5x09 “Revelations”
  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Tell Me Baby”
  The Closer S2x10 “The Other Woman”

  Dead Like Me S1x08 “A Cook”
  Dead Like Me S1x09 “Sunday Mornings”

  Psych S1x05 “9 Lives” [cuts in]
  The 4400 S3x10 “The Starzl Mutation”
    commercials: Lincoln “My Dream,” Monk/4400 promo, Fanta Fevah
  The Dead Zone S5x08 “Vortex”

  The Closer S2x09 “Heroic Measures”
  Dead Like Me S1x06 “My Room”
  Dead Like Me S1x07 “Reaper Madness”

Current Collection

  Title 1: Ghost in the Shell S2x14 “Beware the Left Eye; Poker Face” [part 1]
  Title 2: Ghost in the Shell S2x14 “Beware the Left Eye; Poker Face” [part 2]
  Title 3: Ghost in the Shell S2x15 “Afternoon of the Machines; Pat.”
  Title 4: LSSC: Sen. Kirsten Gillebrand
  Title 5: LSSC: Børns “I Don’t Want U Back”
  Title 6: LSSC: Christine Baranski
  Title 7: LSSC: Bon Jovi “When We Were Us”
  Title 8: Waco S1x03 “Operation Showtime”
  Title 9: Waco S1x04 “Of Milk and Men”
  Title 10: Waco S1x05 “Stalling for Time”
  Title 11: The Alienist S1x04 “These Bloody Thoughts”
  Title 12: The Alienist S1x05 “Hildebrandt’s Starling”
  Title 13: The Magicians S3x08 “Six Short Stories About Magic”

  Title 1: TNT presents “Cowboys & Aliens” (2011)
  Title 2: LSSC: Patton Oswalt
  Title 3: LSSC: Midterms 2018: Profiles in Discourage: Arthur Jones IL-3
  Title 4: LSSC: John McWhorter: Podcaster, Lexicon Valley
  Title 5: We Bare Bears S3x16 “Log Ride”
  Title 6: Paramount presents “Machete” (2010)
  Title 7: Will & Grace S11x12 “Three Wise Men”
  Title 8: ACS: The Assassination of Gianni Versace S2x06 “Descent”
  Title 9: LSSC: Omarosa
  Title 10: LSSC: Ibeyi “Deathless”
  Title 11: LSSC: Steve Buscemi
  Title 12: LSSC: Sam Nunberg rejects Mueller subpoena, spills on everyone
  Title 13: LSSC: Chelsea Clinton
  Title 14: The Alienist S1x06 “Ascension”

  Title 1: The Alienist S1x07 “Many Sainted Men”
  Title 2: Waco S1x06 “Day 51”
  Title 3: Ghost in the Shell S2x16 “The Fact of Being There; Another Chance”
  Title 4: Prairie Public Originals: Concordia College Marimba Choir “Chopsticks” • Interview: David Eyler • “Over the Rainbow” • 
             “Daybreak” • Interview: Kira Graber • “Silhouette and Rhythm” • Interview: Danny Kocher • “Sosso-bala” • closing credits
  Title 5: Prairie Mosaic: Violet Diegel and Carmen Rothweide Germans From Russia recipe “Stirrum”
              1½ cups flour • 3 eggs • 1 tsp baking powder • 1 cup milk • 1 tsp salt
  Title 6: The Open Mind • Shane Burley “Fascism Strikes Back”
  Title 7: FX presents “Super 8” (2011)
  Title 8: Will & Grace S11x13 “Sweatshop Annie & The Annoying Baby Shower”
  Title 9: Bob’s Burgers S8x09 “Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien”
  Title 10: Full Frontal S3x02 NRA vs. Kids • mental health dodge invalid • Life After Hate • tax cuts

  Title 1: Superstore S3x13 “Videogame Release”
  Title 2: The Magicians S3x09 “All That Josh”
  Title 3: The Magicians S3x10 “Art of the Deal”
  Title 4: Superstore S3x15 “Amnesty”
  Title 5: Full Frontal S3x03 Tillerson out, Pompeo in • #neveragain movement • bribery allegations against Trump-friendly D.A., 
              arbitrary prosecutors and related injustice
  Title 6: LSSC: Emmy Blotnick
  Title 7: LSSC: Hungry to Leave Power Games! Rex Tillerson is out
  Title 8: LSSC: Jack Johnson “Sleep Through the Static”
  Title 9: commercial: New York Times gynocentric ad
  Title 10: Ghost in the Shell S2x17 “Mother-Child Relationship; Red Data”
  Title 11: Bob’s Burgers S8x10 “The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets”
  Title 12: Will & Grace S11x14 “The Beefcake and the Cake Beef”
  Title 13: LSSC: Drew Barrymore
  Title 14: LSSC: Moby “This Wild Darkness”
  Title 15: Superstore S3x14 “Safety Training”
  Title 16: LSSC: Rory Albanese
  Title 17: ACS: The Assassination of Gianni Versace S2x07 “Ascent”
  Title 18: Ghost in the Shell S2x18 “Angel’s Poem; Trans Parent”

  Title 1: ACS: The Assassination of Gianni Versace S2x08 “Creator/Destroyer”
  Title 2: Full Frontal S3x04 McCabe firing • Mueller targeted • Cambridge Analytica • Jared Kushner corruption • Hope Hicks 
              leaves • Birth control overprescribed • history of women’s health care f/ Laurie Metcalf • 15 years of Iraq war
  Title 3: Superstore S3x16 “Target”
  Titles 4 & 5: Paramount presents “The Grey” (2001) [parts 1 & 2]
  Title 6: The Alienist S1x08 “Psychopathia Sexualis”
  Title 7: The Alienist S1x09 “Requiem”
  Title 8: The Magicians S3x11 “Twenty-Three”

  Title 1: Bob’s Burgers S8x11 “Sleeping with the Frenemy”
  Title 2: commercial: Kelly Armstrong for Congress: anti-DAPL
  Title 3: commercials: Heidi Heitkamp: anti-Koch ad  Koch anti-Heidi Heitkamp
  Title 4: The Magicians S3x12 “The Fillorian Candidate”
  Title 5: Full Frontal S3x05 “The Great American Puerto Rico”
  Title 6: LSSC: Sara Gilbert
  Title 7: LSSC: Bishop Briggs “White Flag”
  Title 8: LSSC: Samantha Bee on March for our Lives • Puerto Rico
  Title 9: LSSC: Dana Carvey as John Bolton • Dana Carvey
  Title 10: LSSC: President Jimmy Carter
  Title 11: [adult swim] bumper: AI generated names for video games
  Title 12: Bob’s Burgers S8x12 “The Hurt Soccer”
  Title 13: Will & Grace S11x15 “One Job”
  Title 14: Prairie Mosaic: Minnesota film-maker Tom Brandau • Shadd Piehl and the Lost Horses “Ain’t No Life After Rodeo” • 
                Shadd Piehl: “Poem to start a cowboy show-deo” • Frog Point Landing “Fargo in February”
  Title 15: Prairie Mosaic: Hjemkomst Center: Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County
  Title 16: President Show Special: Make America Great-A-Thon
  Title 17: The Alienist S1x10 “Castle in the Sky”
  Title 18: The Magicians S3x13 “Will You Play With Me?”

  Title 1: ACS: The Assassination of Gianni Versace S2x09 “Alone”
  Title 2: commercial: Cenex: good dogs
  Title 3: commercial: "The Incredibles 2" promo: The History of Fashion: Edna Mode
  Title 4: Will & Grace S11x16 “It’s a Family Affair”
  Title 5: Ghost in the Shell S2x19 “Chain of Symmetry; Chain Reaction”
  Title 6: Legion S2x01 “Chapter 9”
  Title 7: Bob’s Burgers S8x13 “Cheer Up Sleepy Gene”
  Title 8: NBC presents “Jesus Christ Superstar” live in concert
  Title 9: Legion S2x02 “Chapter 10”
  Title 10: Superstore S3x17 “District Manager”

  Title 1: Superstore S3x18 “Local Vendors Day”
  Title 2: Superstore S3x19 “Lottery”
  Title 3: Bob’s Burgers S8x14 “The Trouble with Doubles”
  Title 4: Legion S2x03 “Chapter 11”
  Title 5: LSSC: Madeline Albright
  Title 6: LSSC: James Spader
  Title 7: LSSC: Katie Couric
  Title 8: LSSC: Martin Short; Aisha Tyler
  Title 9: LSSC: Aubrey Plaza
  Title 10: Superstore S3x20 “Gender Reveal”
  Title 11: commercial: "Deadpool 2" promo
  Title 12: LSSC: Comey/Colbert promo • Stormy Watch: Michael Cohen • Wu-Tang Clan “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” LP •
                Method Man and Ghostface Killa v. Jeff Sessions • James Comey
  Title 13: LSSC: Jason Aldean “You Make It Easy”
  Title 14: LSSC: Franz Ferdinand f/ James Chance “Feel the Love Go”
  Title 15: LSSC: Trump threatens to leave NK summit • Cohen’s loyalty question • segment: “Stephen Colbert’s What Have We 
                Become?” • racist incident at a Starbucks • Skeletons in the Cabinet: Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke
  Title 16: LSSC: Snow Patrol “Don’t Give In”
  Title 17: Full Frontal S3x06 Comey’s “bombshell” • Ryan’s retirement • Beyoncé proves it’s easy to hire talented people of color • 
                Michael Cohen also Sean Hannity’s attorney • Veteran’s health services confront DOJ about cannabis treatment
  Title 18: Paramount presents “The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” (2007)

  Title 1: FX presents “Deadpool” (2016)
  Title 2: Ghost in the Shell S2x21 “Escape in Defeat; Embarrassment”
  Title 3: FX present “Identity Thief” (2013)
  Title 4: TNT presents “47 Ronin” (2013)

  Title 1: Freeform presents “Inside Out” (2015)
  Title 2: The X-Files S11x08 “Familiar”
  Title 3: The X-Files S11x09 “Nothing Lasts Forever”
  Title 4: The X-Files S11x10 “My Struggle IV”
  Title 5: TCM presents “Freaks” (1932)
  Title 6: TCM promos: Noir Alley • “Around the World in 80 Days” • Now Playing Newsletter
  Title 7: TCM presents “Murder on a Honeymoon” (1935) • infomercial: Chuck Norris Total Gym

  Title 1: TCM presents “The Thomas Crown Affair” (1968)
  Title 2: 00000 TCM presents “Gaslight” (1944) [cuts out]
           04848 Emergency Alert System alert 
           05040 Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives World Class Flavor” Dec. 16, 2016 [cuts in]
           11529 Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives West Coast Cookin’” March 16, 2018 [cuts out]
  Title 3: Bob’s Burgers S8x15 “Go Tina on the Mountain”
  Title 4: TCM presents “Gaslight” (1944) [cuts in]
  Title 5: Ghost in the Shell S2x22 “Abandoned City; Reversal Process”
  Title 6: commercial: Heidi Heitkamp family
  Title 7: Full Frontal S3x07 Macron State visit • Pompeo hearing • Bannon in Europe • Samantha Bee sits down with Preet 
              Bharara in her panic fort