Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ep. 26: Bringing the Thunder

Hi! My name is Terry J. Aman and this installment marks my 26th episode of "VideoFuzzy," my twice-monthly progress report on cataloging more than 2,700 VHS transfers and digital recordings. In this installment, titled "Bringing the Thunder" I talk about the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards, hosted by Jack Black and featuring strong performances by Panic! At the Disco, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Ludacris, The Pussycat Dolls, Jack White and the Raconteurs and many more.

I talk about podcasts I've been listening to, including "Damn That Television," the "Reduced Shakespeare Company" podcast, WCBU's "Out and About" podcast focused on the arts scene in central Illinois, the official unofficial "Legion" fan podcast, "Voices of Deconversion," "Ask Me Another" and "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me," along with a couple more production-centered podcasts including "The Feed" by Libsyn podcast host staffers and "Build a Big Podcast" by David Hooper. Check them out!

In my Classic Collection, I talk about a public television series I encountered called "Beyond Theology." I also ran into episodes of "Prison Break" and "Hustle." And in some old business, I broke into a new Frankendisc, repairing the fractured copy of "Gaslight" I talked about in Episode 25. In my Current Collection, I cataloged copies of "Interstellar," "The Martian" and an episode of "The Magicians."

In What I've Been Watching, I watched full seasons of "Taboo" and "Siren," episodes of "Legion," "Superstore," "Bob's Burgers," "Brockmire," and "Full Frontal," three old episodes of "The Twilight Zone," a PBS biography of Nikolai Telsa and installments of "Civilization" focused on art and religion. Also, I saw Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof," Aaron Sorkin's "The Social Network" and trippy '70s production "Logan's Run," and Marvel movies "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "Ant-Man."

Also, I'm on Twitter! Follow me at @tjVideoFuzzy :)


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Catalog Post #026

Classic Collection

  quarterlife S1x06 “Home Sweet Home”
  Doctor Who S3x08 “Human Nature”
  Torchwood S2x08 “A Day in the Death”

  Beyond Theology S1x01 “A Finger Pointing at the Moon”
  Beyond Theology S1x02 “Church and State”
  Beyond Theology S1x03 “The Ground of Being”
  Beyond Theology S1x04 “American Pluralism”

  Beyond Theology S1x05 “Science and Spirituality”
  The Simpsons S19x08 “Funeral for a Fiend”
  Dexter S1x05 “Love American Style”
  Dirt S2x03 “God Bless the Child”

  Eureka S1x01 “Pilot”
  Rescue Me S3x07 “Satisfaction”

  Hustle S3x04 “A Bollywood Dream”
  Monk S5x03 “Mr. Monk and the Big Game”
  Psych S1x03 “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece”
   Psych out moment: “Jesse’s Girl”

  The Closer S2x07 “Head Over Heels”
  Leno: Kyra Sedgwick – Emmy nomination - no accent
  Dead Like Me S1x03 “Curious George”

  Bones S2x01 “The Titan on the Tracks”
  MTV 2006 VMAs hosted by Jack Black [cuts in]
    Lil Kim intro in prison orange
    Best Male Video: James Blunt “Beautiful”
    Best Hip Hop Video: Black Eyed Peas “My Humps”
    Shakira f/ Wyclef Jean “Hips Don’t Lie”
    Jackass stunt: Vote for Viewers’ Choice Award
    Best Female Video: Kelly Clarkson: “Because of You”
    Ludacris f/ Pussy Cat Dolls “Money Makey”
    Sarah Silverman “surprised” by Lance Bass coming out.
    Jack Black and Kyle Gass as a Moonman
    Best Dance Video: Pussy Cat Dolls f/ Snoop Dogg “Buttons”
    Chris Brown (getting cheers) introduces OKGO
    OKGO does the treadmill version of “Here it Goes Again” live
    Shaun White introduces Jackass promo for Viewers’ Choice Award
    Jack Black introduces Paris Hilton
    All-American Rejects “Move Along”
    Best Pop Video: P!nk “Stupid Girl”
    The Raconteurs
    Best Rap Video: Chamillionaire “Ridin’”
    BeyoncĂ© “Let You Go”
    commercial: Nike “I Feel Pretty”
    Sarah Silverman: Wanna be famous? Don’t do drugs.
    Best Direction in a Video: Gnarls Barkley “Crazy”
    Best Choreography: Shakira f/ Wyclef Jean “Hips Don’t Lie”
    Best Special Effects: Missy Elliot: “We Run This”
    T.I. “What You Know”
    Best Group Video: All American Rejects “Move Along”
    The Raconteurs “Steady As She Goes”
    commercial: Pepsi - Jimmy Fallon
    Ringtone of the Year: Ft. Minor “Where’d You Go?”
    Panic! At the Disco “I Write Sins not Tragedies”
    Fergie presents nominees for Best New Artist in a Video

  MTV Video Music Awards 2006 [continued]
    Best New Artist in a Video: Avenged Sevenfold “Bat Country”
    The Raconteurs: Jack Black realizes he should start a band with Jack White.
    at home with Britney and K-Fed
    Best R&B Video: BeyoncĂ© f/ Slim Thug “Check On Me”
    Kanye West introduces Video Vanguard Award
      Busta Rhymes: “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”
      Missy Elliot: “I Cant’ Stand the Rain”
    Video Vanguard Award: Hype Williams
    Sarah Silverman
    Christina Aguilera “Hurt”
    Lou Reed and P!nk present Best Rock Video: AFI “Miss Murder”
    The Raconteurs f/ ZZ Top “Cheap Sunglasses”
    Best HipHop R&B Fusion Video: presented by the Black Eyed Peas and Kyle Gass, Jack has a breakdown
    Tenacious D “Friendship”
    Jackass: Viewers’ Choice Awards: Fallout Boy “Dance Dance”
    Queen Latifah introduces Al Gore looks back on 25 years of MTV, promotes ecology
    Raconteurs “Internet Killed the Video Star”
    JLo presents Video of the Year: Panic! At the Disco “I Write Sins Not Tragedy”
       Some guy called Six hopped up and grabbed the mic, telling us to visit
    Axl Rose introduced: The Killers “When You Were Young”
  MTV Video Music Awards 2006
    Jay-Z introduces MTV VMA 2006
    Justin Timberlake “My Love” / “SexyBack” f/Timbaland
    Jack Black dressing room bit / takes the stage as a Moonman, is lit on fire, costume change, brings the Thunder: 
         lots of mistakes in the opening bit; introduces ... Montel Williams (oy)
    The Raconteurs f/ Lou Reed
    Jack Black introduces Lil Kim, and that’s where we came in.
  The Closer S2x05 “To Protect & to Serve”

  Prison Break S2x03 “Scan”
  The Closer S2x13 “Overkill”
  Dead Like Me S1x14 “Rest In Peace”

  Dead Like Me S1x10 “Business Unfinished”
  Dead Like Me S1x11 “The Bicycle Thief”
  Eureka S1x06 “Dr. Nobel”

Current Collection

  Title 1: LSSC: Bernadette Peters – Lil Uzi Vert “The Way Life Goes”
  Title 2: CNN: President Trump’s State of the Union Address Jan. 30, 2018 + Democratic response and commentary
  Title 3: Full Frontal: U.S. Nuclear posture – GOP memo released – FBI corruption – Black Identity Extremists –
              Black History Month: Racist Road Show – Black History Month: John Robinson fought fascist incursions
              in Ethiopia – Donald Trump is pretty much bald
  Title 4: LSSC: Wanda Sykes plays Talk Show: The Game Show
  Title 5: LSSC: Thomas Hayden Church
  Title 6: LSSC: Elon Musk launches convertible into space with Star Man at the wheel playing “Space Oddity”
  Title 7: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Court ruling on same-sex cake baking is dumb: This week in Unnecessary Censorship
  Title 8: The Magicians S3x05 “A Life in the Day”
  Title 9: FX presents “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” (2013)
  Title 10: [empty title]

  Title 1: FX presents “Interstellar” (2014)
  Title 2: FX presents “The Martian” (2015)

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ep. 25: This Show Needs a Doctor!

Hi! My name is Terry J. Aman and this installment marks my 25th episode of "VideoFuzzy," my twice-monthly progress report on cataloging more than 2,700 VHS transfers and digital recordings. In this installment, titled "This Show Needs a Doctor!" I talk about "42," a third-season episode of "Doctor Who" I recalled not liking very much the first time around, and now I'm remembering why.

In my classic collection, I cataloged several episodes of "South Park," discovered follow-up episodes of "quarterlife" and "Terminal City," and explore a bit of methodology in identifying an episode of "Medium" I was having some trouble with. In my current collection, the season premieres of "The Magicians," "The Alienist," "American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace" and "Waco" tracked into view.

In What I've Been Watching, I'm reserving judgment on "Avengers: Infinity War" until the all but inevitable sequel, and I'm looking forward to the "Deadpool" sequel. I've been enjoying "Legion" on FX, and last weekend I dumped a bunch of movies from my DVR, including "Fantastic Four: The Silver Surfer" (2007), "Identity Thief" (2013,) "47 Ronin" (2013), "Inside Out" (2015), "Freaks" (1932), "Murder on a Honeymoon" (1935), "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968) and "Gaslight" (1944).


Saturday, April 28, 2018

Catalog Post #025

Classic Collection

  commercial: South Park Best Foreign Film Award: “Rainforest Shmainforest”
  South Park S10x08 “Make Love, Not Warcraft”
  commercial: South Park Most Shocking and Outrageous Award: “Le Petit Tourette”
  South Park S11x08 “Le Petit Tourette”
  commercial: South Park Best Fight Scene Award: “Cripple Fight”
  South Park S5x02 “Cripple Fight”
  Eli Stone S1x06 “Something to Save”

  Doctor Who S3x07 “42”
  Torchwood S2x07 “Dead Man Walking”

  Dexter S1x04 “Let’s Give the Boy a Hand”
  Breaking Bad S1x07 “A No-Rough-Stuff Type Deal”
  Dirt S2x02 “Dirty Slutty Whores”

  South Park S7x08 “South Park is Gay!”
  commercial: South Park Best Fecal Effects Award: “Red Hot Catholic Love”
  South Park S6x09 “Red Hot Catholic Love”
  commercial: South Park Most Shocking Plot Twist Award: “Scott Tenorman Must Die”
  South Park S5x04 “Scott Tenorman Must Die”
  commercial: South Park Best Supporting Character That Became a Main Character Award: “Butters’ Very Own Episode”
  South Park S5x14 “Butters Very Own Episode”
  South Park S4x03 “Timmy 2000”
   commercials for Rhapsody, Red Bull Flugtag, BK belly fillers, dueling texters, Gamefly game rental through the mail, 
   Target “Everybody’s a Star,”, Scion: slightly tweaked

  South Park S2x13 “Cow Days”
  Medium S4x07 “Burn Baby Burn (1)”
  Family Guy S4x27 “The Griffin Family History”
  The Universe S2x13 “Colonizing Space”
   commercial: “Misery”-themed DirecTV

  HBO presents Lewis Black in “Red, White and Screwed” (June 10, 2006)
  MI-5 S3x01 “Project Friendly Fire”
  South Park S12x01 “Tonsil Trouble” [cuts out]
  LOST S4x07 “Ji Yeon”

  Family Guy S5x03 “Hell Comes to Quahog” [scrap: roller disco]
  Terminal City S1x02 “Episode 2”
  [adult swim] warning card: may contain mature material some viewers might not find suitable
  Eli Stone S1x07 “Heal the Pain”

  Battlestar Galactica S1x05 “You Can’t Go Home Again (2)”
  The Shield S3x13 “Fire in the Hole”

  The Shield S3x14 “All In”
  quarterlife S1x02 “Compromise”
  quarterlife S1x04 “Goodbyes”
  quarterlife S1x05 “Finding a Voice”

Current Collection

  Title 1: The Magicians S3x01 “The Tales of the Seven Keys”
  Title 2: LSSC: Trump upset about Russian investigation timeline - Real News Tonight
  Title 3: LSSC: Michael Wolff, author of “Fire and Fury”
  Title 4: LSSC: Anderson East “Girlfriend”
  Title 5: LSSC: Jack Black and the Polka King Band “Everybody Polka”
  Title 6: Freeform presents “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride” (1998)
  Title 7: Superstore S3x09 “Golden Globes Party”
  Title 8: Will&Grace S11x09 “There’s Something About Larry”
  Title 9: FX presents “The Dictator” (2012)
  Title 10: LSSC: The Black Eyed Peas “Street Livin’”
  Title 11: 9JKL S1x13 “Heavy Meddling”
  Title 12: Full Frontal S2x31 Hurt by #MeToo Backlash – Trump insults all of Africa
  Title 13: LSSC: Bon Jovi “You Give Love a Bad Name”
  Title 14: Happy! S1x06 “The Scrapyard of Childish Things”

  Title 1: The Magicians S3x02 “Heroes and Morons”
  Title 2: Bob’s Burgers S8x08 “V for Valentine-Detta”
  Title 3: We Bare Bears S4x04 “Vacation”
  Title 4: Will & Grace S11x10 “The Wedding”
  Title 5: ACS: The Assassination of Gianni Versace S1x01 “The Man Who Would Be Vogue”
  Title 6: LSSC: WH on shutdown: “Keep Trump contained” Real News Tonight – Stormy Daniels
  Title 7: LSSC: Eugene Levy on “Schitt’s Creek”
  Title 8: 9JKL S1x14 “Fridays With Harry”
  Title 9: The Alienist S1x01 “The Alienist 101”
  Title 10: Full Frontal S2x32 Government shutdown – Stephen Miller’s anti-immigrant xenophobia – The Full Frontal Apology Race
                for everything Trump did from Jan. 10-24
  Title 11: Superstore S3x11 “Angels and Mermaids”
  Title 12: Superstore S3x10 “High Volume Store”
  Title 13: LSSC: RuPaul, FBI Secret Society, 30 Seconds to Mars “Dangerous Night”
  Title 14: We Bare Bears S4x05 “Beehive”
  Title 15: Happy! S1x07 “Destroyer of Worlds”

  Title 1: The Magicians S3x03 “The Losses of Magic”
  Title 2: ACS: The Assassination of Gianni Versace S1x02 “Manhunt”
  Title 3: Waco S1x01 “Visions and Omens”
  Title 4: Ghost in the Shell S2x09 “The Hope Named Despair: Ambivalence”
  Title 5: Ghost in the Shell S2x10 “One Angry Man: Trial”
  Title 6: The Alienist S1x02 “The Alienist 102”
  Title 7: LSSC: Hannity first can’t, then does confirm Trump wants to fire Mueller: Real News Tonight
  Title 8: LSSC: Live after Trump’s State of the Union Address – Pod Save America – Two Dope Queens – SOTU Response: 
              Michael Weatherbee – Chris Stapleton “Drunkard’s Prayer”
  Title 9: The Big Bang Theory S6x21 “The Closure Alternative” [scrap: Sheldon wants closure]
  Title 10: 9JKL S1x15 “Stalker Status” [f/Cheri Oteri]
  Title 11: Full Frontal S2x33 State of the Union – Nunes memo – Forced Arbitration – Gretchen Carlson – Rescue Farm 
                for Displaced Government Workers

  Title 1: Waco S1x02 “The Strangers Across the Street”
  Title 2: We Bare Bears S4x06 “The Park”
  Title 3: The Magicians S3x04 “Be the Penny”
  Title 4: Ghost in the Shell S2x11 “Kusanagi’s Labyrinth: Affection”
  Title 5: Will & Grace S11x11 “Staten Island Fairy”
  Title 6: Ghost in the Shell S2x12 “To Those Without Even a Name: Selecon”
  Title 7: LSSC: Russia Tonight – State of the Union address redux – no Russia sanctions – Mueller meetup – GOP memo – 
              Melania Trump – Stormy Daniels – Rose McGowan – Sen. Rand Paul
  Title 8: Happy! S1x08 “I Am the Future”
  Title 9: ACS: The Assassination of Gianni Versace S1x03 “A Random Killing”
  Title 10: 00000 9JKL S1x16 “Tell All”
            02100 LSSC: SOTU low ratings and Trump’s need to lie about them – Nunes memo – FBI investigation
  Title 11: LSSC: CBS reboots classics: Lassie works for FBI – Family game nights – Hawaii bomb drill – Reba as Col. Sanders – 
               Dumbest People Running for Congress: Mo. GOP candidate for Senate - Courtland Sykes – Uma Thurman –
               Jacob Williams
  Title 12: LSSC: Eagles win – Trump broke the economy – Superbowl ads – Claire Danes

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ep. 24: Podcast Like Me: Sherwood Transfer

Hi! My name is Terry J. Aman and this installment marks my 24th episode of "VideoFuzzy," my twice-monthly progress report on cataloging more than 2,700 VHS transfers and digital recordings.

My Friday Night Feature highlights the pilot episode of HBO's "Dead Like Me" as edited for rebroadcast on SciFi. A crowdsourcing attempt settled out of court when I was able to track down on my own the source of three clips from "Rockstar Supernova" off CBS. My classic collection turned up the pilot episode of "Psych," the CG-heavy NOVA presentation of "The Elegant Universe" with Brian Greene and strong episode installments of "Rescue Me," "Monk" and AMC's "Hustle."

My current collection turned up a PBS presentation of 2013's "Hawking" about the life of physicist Stephen Hawking in his own words and interviews with family and friends. Also, the BBC America presentation of "An Adventure in Space and Time" -- a sort of making-of dramatization of the first seasons of "Doctor Who" -- the "Doctor Who" Christmas Special 2017 "Twice Upon a Time" and a look back at the Peter Capaldi and Stephen Moffat eras, along with a couple of Mark Twain award presentations and the series premiere of "Happy!"

In What I've Been Watching, some comments on the finales of "The Alienist," "American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace" and "The Magicians," as well as the live version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and oh my yes: The second season premiere of "Legion," which destroyed my ability to even.

Finally, in "Video Outreach," I helped Nancy Pearson, a theater friend of mine in Minot, with transferring a half-dozen VHS tapes of Stanley, N.D., speech and music nights and an all-school reunion dating from the late-'80s and early-'90s that she said turned up in a housecleaning enterprise. Following the transfer, I was able to hand them off to her and get some reactions. Good to check in!


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Catalog Post #024

Classic Collection

  Battlestar Galactica S1x04 “Act of Contrition”
  Monk S5x01 “Mr. Monk and the Actor”
  Psych S1x01 “Pilot”
   commercials: California Milk Board: cows teasing bulls / Orbit gum: Snoop Dogg / jazzy Starbucks Frappuccino ad / 
     Honda Ridgeline: Grizzly bear gets a fish / Promo: Psych/Dead Zone/Monk diner

  Psych S1x01 “Pilot”
   commercial: Psych/Monk promo
   Psych out: Man in the Mirror
  The Closer S1x05 “To Protect & To Serve”

  NOVA S31x03 “The Elegant Universe”
  Rescue Me S3x06 “Zombies”
  Rockstar Supernova [scrap] Toby Rand covering The Killers’ “Somebody Told Me”
   [CBS weather alert map pops up randomly – Tstorm warning in McLean and Mercer counties]
  Rockstar Supernova [scrap] Jill Gioia covering Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life”
  Rockstar Supernova [scrap] Chris Pierson covering Tonic’s “If You Could Only See”
  Hustle S3x03 “Ties That Bind Us”

  Monk S5x02 “Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike”
   commercial: Cooper Tires AWESOME
  Psych S1x02 “Spellingg Bee”
   [scene: Shawn meets Juliet]
   commercial: Comfort Suites: “I’ve Been Everywhere”
  The 4400 S3x07 “The Home Front”

  The Dead Zone S5x05 “The Inside Man”
  The Closer S2x06 “Out of Focus” [cuts out]

  Dead Like Me S1x01 “Pilot”
  Dead Like Me S1x02 “Dead Girl Walking”
   commercial: South Park Celebrity Impersonation Awards (“Fat Butt and Pancake Head”)
  South Park S7x05 “Fat Butt and Pancake Head”
   commercial: South Park Outstanding Achievement in Culinary Arts (“Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls”)
  South Park S2x09 “Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls”

Current Collection

  Titles 1 & 2: The Mayor S1x09 “Grey Christmas”
  Title 3: AMC presents “Hocus Pocus” (1993)
  Title 4: commercial: CBS Warm Wishes: Christmas Lights
  Title 5: 9JKL S1x12 “It Happened One Night”
  Title 6: BBC America presents “An Adventure in Space and Time” (2013)
  Title 7: FX presents “Minions” (2015)
  Title 8: PBS presents “Hawking” (2013)

  Title 1: Full Frontal S2x29 Mueller’s team called biased – U.N. reacts to U.S. declaring Jerusalem as 
     Israel’s capital – Christian Zionists – A.R. Bernard’s resignation from Trump’s Evangelical Advisory 
  Title 2: Ghost in the Shell S2x07 “Rhapsody: The Melody of a Bygone Nation; Pu239/94”
  Title 3: 17th Annual Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor: Jay Leno
  Title 4: 18th Annual Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor: Eddie Murphy
  Title 5: Doctor Who Christmas Special: “Twice Upon a Time” (2017)
  Title 6: Doctor Who “The End of an Era”
  Title 7: commercial: Tom Campbell for Senate ad: Support Trump

  Title 1: commercial: Happy! promo
  Titles 2 & 3: Syfy presents “The Lone Ranger” (2013) [parts 1 & 2]
  Title 4: The Magicians – S1x01 summary [about 3:30 each]
           The Magicians – S1x02 summary
           The Magicians – S1x03 summary
           The Magicians – S1x04 summary
           The Magicians – S1x05 summary
           The Magicians – S1x06 summary
           The Magicians – S1x07 summary
           The Magicians – S1x08 summary
           The Magicians – S1x09 summary
           The Magicians – S1x10 summary
           The Magicians – S1x11 summary
           The Magicians – S1x12 summary
           The Magicians – S1x13 summary
  Title 5: LSSC: Margo Price “A Little Pain”
  Title 6: Happy! S1x01 “Saint Nick”
  Title 7: LSSC: America Ferrera
  Title 8: LSSC: Julien Baker “Turn Out the Lights”
  Title 9: The X-Files S11x01 “My Struggle III”
  Title 10: We Bare Bears S4x01 “Bears II Men”
  Title 11: Will & Grace S11x08 “Friends and Lover”
  Title 12: The Magicians S2x01 “Knight of Crowns”
  Title 13: LSSC: “Fire and Fury” released; Huckabee-Sanders contradicted by Trump visiting briefing via TV monitor
  Title 14: LSSC: Rachel Brosnahan

  Title 1: LSSC: Rachel Brosnahan
  Title 2: American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson S1x10 “The Verdict”
  Title 3: Superstore S3x08 “Viral Video”
  Title 4: The X-Files S11x02 “This”
  Title 5: We Bare Bears S4x03 “Hurricane Hal”
  Title 6: Happy!  S1x02 “What Smiles Are For”
  Title 7: Ghost in the Shell S2x08 “Vegetarian Feast; Fake Food”
  Title 8: Full Frontal S2x30 Rachel Platten: This is my Fight Song Midterms 2018 – Speak Out – Time’s Up – Fire and Fury – 
     CDC: U.S. infant mortality rate outrageously high – Get Out the Vote: Support black female candidates
  Title 9: Happy!  S1x03 “When Christmas Was Christmas”
  Title 10: Happy!  S1x04 “Year of the Horse”
  Title 11: Happy!  S1x05 “White Sauce? Hot Sauce?”

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Ep. 0: VideoFuzzy Promo

Hi! My name is Terry J. Aman, host of VideoFuzzy, the podcast confessions of a media packrat with thousands of VHS to DVD transfers and no idea what's on them. I'm cataloging furiously, however, and every two weeks I'll update you with what I've been finding in my classic recordings, my current recordings and what I've been watching, sifting this basket of media memories. With a media collection stretching back to the '80s, this is going to take a while, but just hang on, we'll get through this together. Enjoy!